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At Igneous Rock Gallery we are passionate about creating one-at-a-time, one-of-a-kind natural stone water features. 
The word igneous comes from the Latin word ignis (from which we get the word ignite).  It refers to fire born rock, or lava.  Our particular igneous rock originated from a fascinating chain of volcanic upheavals that occurred about 50 million years ago in a region of Washington State near the Canadian border known as Beaver Canyon. (See our Quarry Connection page.)

These slender formed and vibrantly colored stone columns are found in just this one location on the planet – and are available in their most impressive stature and presentation exclusively from Igneous Rock Gallery.  Each Igneous Rock Gallery fountain sculpture is an artistic expression created from the enduring natural beauty of an exotic and finite medium. The patient selection and careful composition of your stone column arrangement will result in a unique water fountain that will hold interest as art.

Would you like to possess an aesthetically beautiful and scientifically fascinating conversation piece, an elegant contemporary fountain sculpture created with an ancient and exotic natural material?  I would love to consider ideas with you and then translate the best of those possibilities into a lasting physical reality – a unique work of art that lives, gives pleasure, and helps you re­orient during those priceless moments of relaxation.

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The Beaver Canyon geologists have awarded Igneous Rock Gallery exclusive access to the best stone columns that come from the site. Visit the Quarry Connection to learn more about this distinctive material and its origins.
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The Residential Fountains page has photos of installations from private residential properties. There are also videos and testimonials from some truly happy customers.
On the Gallery page you will find albums featuring some of Igneous Rock Gallery’s most unique and creative design applications. From elegant table top decor to spectacular outdoor displays, the Gallery is a source of natural beauty and creative inspiration.
Igneous Rock Gallery has been featured in numerous magazines and publications as well as in various television news programs. Here is an archive of some of these articles.
The background story of the owner / artist, his introduction to and fascination with this rare and exotic medium, the birth of his vision, and the passion that drives his creativity.
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