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“Igneous Rock Gallery is an outfit to be most respected in the design/construction field as they offer a continuum of fresh innovative ideas for  the use of natural rock.  In our times of searching environmental sustainability their use of natural rock materials is to be considered as a priority for applications in landscape as well as in architecture and interior design. ''

Angela Danadjieva
Danadjieva & Koenig Associates - Environmental Architecture
"When I first heard about Igneous Rock Gallery the last thing I wanted to do was spend more money on our outside renovations. We had planned to run brick pavers right up to the front door when our hardscaping contractor suggested an Igneous Rock Gallery fountain and garden. 

Robert Wertz seems passionate about his craft, so I decided to hear him out. Robert stood with me on the parking lot looking at the entrance and described the difference it would make to have a small garden area featuring a lava rock column fountain. It’s as if he could see it in his head. I soon caught his vision, but it turned out even better than I imagined!

In hindsight it is hands down the best money I have ever spent for the atmosphere and ambiance of our restaurant. The unusual shape and color of the rocks, the sound and motion of the flowing fountain, combined with the landscape plants provides a beautiful welcome to our patrons. We often see them pausing to enjoy it on the way in or out. 

We especially enjoy the ever changing ice sculptures that form in the winter. What a spectacle!"
Ted Kalathas
Theo’s Bar and Grille
Camp Hill, PA
"My wife and I first became aware of Igneous Rock Gallery when one of their custom rock fountains was installed at the entrance to our favorite restaurant. To our delight, we learned that this unique product with a metropolitan feel was created right here in Central Pennsylvania! 

After meeting Robert we had him visit our Cadillac dealership to suggest a possible location for one of his unique natural stone fountain creations.We absolutely love the result!

We have also purchased Robert’s stone candle holder groupings as gifts for family members. They were all wowed! We admire Robert’s artistic natural products, diligent service and entrepreneurial spirit."
John H. Sutliff
Sutliff Auto Group

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This sculpture at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle was designed by Architect Angela Danadjieva and installed by Jolly Miller and Greg Prescott.  It is the largest and most noted example of how this unique material has been used to date. We present it here not to take credit for it, but as an example of what we could do. If a project calls for oversight of an architect, we have the relationships in place to provide that oversight.

Through a special relationship with the quarry we have access to Beaver Canyon andesite in the rare block form as pictured here.  In addition we offer exclusive access to the tallest and most spectacular single columns available.
"At Carrabba's Italian Grill we pride ourselves in providing our patrons with a high quality dining experience. The addition of your stunning water sculpture adds a distinctive and beautiful focal point that helps to 
set us apart from other dining establishments. It creates an expectation of what awaits them inside. It's the first thing they see coming and the last thing they see going, and certainly adds to the quality of our patrons' dining experience."

Brian Johnson, Proprietor of Carrabba's Italian Grill 
5250 Carlisle Pike
Mechanicsburg, PA
At Igneous Rock Gallery we celebrate the growing
healing environments movement in health care.
Our lighted fountain sculptures offer an ideal
aesthetic focal point for hospital healing gardens.
Contact us to discuss design possibilities.

Healing Gardens
Treatment Facilities
University Campuses
Professional Offices
Corporate Centers
Industrial Parks
Public Spaces
Above: Indoor feature,PinnacleHealth Hospital,Mechanicsburg, PA

Upper Right:
Healing Garden fountain
Geisinger Medical Center,
Danville, PA

Lower Right:
View from above the
Geisinger feature

Inspired by Robert Wertz's
designs, Penn State University
engaged Robert to "go vertical"
with the same massive
sandstone used for
garden benches.
PSU Brandywine Campus