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I had to write you to tell you once again that each time I look at our fountain I am blown away by its beauty. It is truly spectacular and I feel so fortunate to have been able to purchase it. I continue to say that I've never seen anything like it and the way it complements the surrounding hardscape/landscape is just perfect - beyond anything I could have envisioned. Thank you again; we absolutely love this piece of art.”

- Kandie P., Marlton, NJ
"We LOVE our new basalt column water fountain. We recently spent thousands of dollars landscaping our yard and by far the custom designed basalt fountain is the highlight. As people come to our home they are drawn to the natural rock fountain. Everyone seems to love the unique aspect and calming effect of the flowing water. The natural stone fountain fits any landscape and is a lovely and tranquil focal point of our home. Because no two basalt fountains are the same, we will always have "the one"."

- Christina P., Camp Hill, PA
"Just wanted to let you know how thrilled we are with our Igneous Rock Gallery basalt fountain. It exceeded our every expectation and is the envy of the neighborhood. It is so soothing and relaxing to sit on the porch at night while enjoying the awesome glow of the ancient basalt rock with the sound of flowing water."

- Brion M., Clearwater, FL

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“I purchased my fountain from Robert Wertz’s Igneous Rock Gallery in April 2010. My wife and I had looked at fountains for many months prior. We had shopped in all the usual garden and landscape outlets locally as well as scoured the internet and magazines for ideas. We would admire fountains as we travelled and would share the qualities we most appreciated in each.  We first spotted Robert’s work at a local restaurant. I stopped by his gallery the next day.

As I toured the gallery, and even though Debbie was not with me on that initial visit, I knew that we had found our fountain.  For us the fountain was a centerpiece to greet our friends, neighbors, and ourselves on a daily basis in front of our home and this conception was precisely matched by Robert’s vision of what a fountain can and should be. Robert creates fountains that combine art, motion, nature, and light. The basics of the standard fountain are there, but rather than the glorified bird-bath fountain of old, there is instead a constant motion of water that is forever changing its look as it cascades down rock that is not man-made, but is rock cooled from a volcano of a previous geologic period. Each igneous rock specimen has its unique colors, shape, size and character. There never will be two fountains that are alike. Even after a year of daily appreciating the fountain aside my front walk, I cannot help but contemplate the forces of nature and the artistry of Robert that created such a sublime but powerful centerpiece.

A very pleasant surprise was to see how our fountain changed with the seasons. Light changes the look dramatically and the angle and quality of light is different not just by the hour of day, but also by the weather and with each season.  In addition, at night the low voltage lighting brought an entirely new look of water and color cascading down the stone. In winter ice coated the stones, and the fountain took on shapes that were newly created daily. The lighting at night turned the ice-coated rock into a crystal of both reflecting and transparent surfaces.

I also absolutely recommend Robert Wertz for his landscaping work. The man is truly an artist of the home outdoors. He is immensely patient and takes time to truly understand the needs and wishes of his clients. He is a master at creating the vision of the client and is also ready to offer suggestions or entirely unique ideas if requested. 

The highest testimony I will offer to the prospective client is of his honesty and integrity.  It is clear that each job is very personal to him and at sacrifice to himself he will work to make the project right. As an example, shortly after my fountain landscaping began, I was forced by personal circumstances to make a major change in the location of the fountain that would require literarily redesigning everything. When I nervously told him, Robert barely blinked. He appeared actually happy to restart the project. There was no financial adjustment made, Robert just wanted the fountain to be perfect and in the ideal setting.  He gave life to our fountain and succeeded completely.”

- William B., Mechanicsburg, PA
A fountain sculpture from Igneous Rock Gallery will provide your property with an oasis of tranquility throughout every season of the year, and can transform into an esthetically stunning visual delight in the winter.

The icy fountain pictured at the right is the same  fountain pictured above.
“We love it!  It forms an elegant and restful focal point in our landscaping and elicits many favorable comments.  Thank you Robert!”

- Dick J., Enola, PA
"I had to write and tell you how much we love our new basalt fountain! It is a beautiful feature to the entranceway to our home. The basalt columns are a work of art that help us welcome our friends and family. At night when the stone fountain is lit from below it looks like little flames leaping through the cascading water. 
We really love how the basalt rock fountain, water, and plants come together to create a unique outdoor space that is unlike any 
of our neighbors!" 
- Monique U., Harrisburg, PA
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